Altea positioned itself as one of the eight cities of Spain that stands out thanks to its collaboration between the Town Hall and the associations. Due to this reciprocity, both parties are working hand-in-hand with the purpose of reducing the effects of the COVID-19 among the population of Altea. Corazón Exprés, Cruz Roja Altea and […]

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A delegation from Altea composed of politicians, journalists, members of collective, associative and teaching staff, gathered on the 2nd of February of 2020 in Brussels to participate at the closing ceremony of the Yourope project. The Yourope journeys, leaded by Altea through the European Projects Office EuroAltea, concluded at the European Committee of the Regions […]

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Erasmus+ experience

The House of Culture greeted this evening of 27th of February of 2020 more than one hundred neighbors of the municipality who would like to take advantage of the Erasmus+ experience firsthand. María A. Laviós, the European Projects Councilor, initiated the workshop by thanking the more than 120 youngsters, fathers and mothers for their assistance […]

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European Funds

The 29th of November of 2019, the European Project Office from Altea, EuroAltea, organized the ‘’Structural Funds and European funding opportunities for the local level” workshop, through which it was intended the visualization of the opportunities that Europe has to offer in the governance of territories and funding that provides to a local level through […]

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Cohesion Alliance

Altea aligns itself with the Cohesion Alliance of the European Union, as a result of the cooperation between the European Associations and the Committee of the Regions, who solicit the budget from the European Union to be used for the development of cohesion policies that would allow the European Union to be stronger, more effective […]

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EuroAltea meetings

EuroAltea carries out different reunions with the City Halls neighbors in order to try to help and guide the creation of new areas in terms of European projects. The past 3rd of June of 2020, we had a reunion with the City Hall of Molina del Segura, Murcia, Europa Direct Murcia and the Rey Juan […]

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