• Fake risk escaping through the empowerment of youth


    238.545 €

    Period of the project:

    July 2020 – June 2021


    The project develops an interactive educational package to introduce young students to the key concepts of the digital information landscape.

    The first point is that referred to fact-checking (social network verification, video/image authentication, source verification). The second one deals with the diffusion and amplification of news, and finally, the topic of artificial intelligence is explored.

    A point to be noted is precisely the use of the potential of social media itself to reach as many young people as possible and turn them into active and conscious creators of media contents.


    • To design, test and disseminate different learning resources to raise awareness and empower young people about digital information.
    • To provide tools to verify information on social networks.
    • To promote the creation of truthful contents.
    • To bring young people closer to artificial intelligence from a critical and constructive perspective.
    • To discover and promote the enormous potential of information technologies while preventing their misuse.