• World Family Organization

    The World Family Organization (WFO) is an international entity which aims to represent and support the families of the world at all levels, to defend their interests and to act with them and for them in collaboration with governments and the international community.

    In relation to the United Nations Organisation and the consultative process, the WFO shall act as the link between both the activities of the families and the work carried out for them from international institutions.

    The Family is the basic unit of society and as such it should be strengthened. It is entitled to receive comprehensive protection and support, in any form it may present according to the different cultural, social and political humans systems. In any of these cases, capabilities and responsabilities of the family must be respected.


    As it is mentioned above, the main goal of the World Family Organisation is to represent the families of the world at all levels and to defend their interests, mainly by acting as a bridge between them and the United Nations Organistion.

    At the same time, within the Organisation, work is carried out to permanently analyse the situation of the families in different cultures and civilisations, the main problems it faces, and to present proposals and solutions to the different challenges. Among them, we can highlight avoiding the intergenerational transmission of poverty or claiming and guaranteeing the exercise of sexual and reproductive rights.