• Period of the project:

    Since 2019 to the present


    Companies and young people aged 18-30 resident in Altea.


    The European Solidarity Corps is a European Union initiative that aims to create opportunities for young people to participate as a volunteer or collaborate in solidarity projects that benefit communities and citizens all over Europe.

    In addition to the different activities that may be carried out in the programme, either individually or through different associations or non-governmental organisations, there is also the possibility to get involved in humanitarian aid projects beyond the borders of the European Union.

    Participation in the European Solidarity Corps is aimed at young people between the ages of 18 and 30, and exceptionally up to 35 in the case of participation in humanitarian aid activities.


    • To attract young people to work together to build a more inclusive society by supporting vulnerable people through volunteering.
    • To offer a stimulating and enriching experience for young people looking forward to helping, learning and growing.
    • To promote integration and inclusion in different socio-cultural contexts.
    • To support the different organisations in the voluntary and solidarity sector in the financing projects for the benefit of the community.


    The Municipality of Altea, through the European Projects Office, facilitates and manages the participation of young people in the referred volunteer projects. The process to participate is carried out through the European Youth Portal, which allows the link and communication between young people who wish to involve as a volunteer with organizations and institutions in the sector offering such activities.

    The period of the volunteering projects lasts from two to twelve months, and they cover support for training, foreign language learning, basic costs (travel to and from the project, accommodation and food), and also a small allowance for personal expenses.