• Volunteering cities


    599.954,25 €

    Project period

    April 2019 – June 2021


    URBACT is a programme of the European Union which promotes sustainable urban development, enabling cities to collaboratively develop, through the transfer of good practices, solutions to different urban challenges. In this way, the programme reinforce the role played by municipalities addressing the social, economic and environmental increasingly complex changes. URBACT III (2014-2020), within which this project is framed, contributes to achieve the objectives of Europe 2020, providing a mechanism to develop knowledge and skills to all actors involved in the implementation of urban policy. It aims to build stronger, more cohesive and vibrant European cities and to address emerging urban problems by proposing a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, which are the three key priorities of Europe 2020.


    • To enable cities to manage sustainable urban policies and practices in a participatory and integrated manner.
    • To improve the design of sustainable urban policies and practices.
    • To implement integrated sustainable urban strategies and actions.
    • To ensure that decision-makers at all levels have access to shared knowledge on all aspects of sustainable urban development to improve city development policies.

    EuroAltea, Volunteering Award

    EuroAltea, the European Projects Office of the Municipality of Altea, has received the Volunteering Award due to its collaborative work in the “URBACT III: Volunteering Cities” project, carried out jointly by the Municipality and the local associations De Amicitia, Corazón Exprés and Cruz Roja Altea. The award is a further motivation to continue undertaking new projects that benefit the community.

    The European projects councilwoman of the Municipality of Altea on the received award:

    Magdalena López, the president of Corazón Exprés:

    The president of De Amicitia, Igancio González, on the importance of URBACT III for the association:

    Inmaculada Martínez, president of Cruz Roja Altea: