• Designing game-based practices for migrant children inclusion


    119.560 €

    Period of the project:

    November 2018 – November 2020


    The LEVEL UP project targets migrant pupils and aims to foster inclusion and respect within schools by setting gamification systems into the field of education. Commonly known as ‘gamification’, this innovative approach, which adds game elements such as storytelling, problem solving, rules, collaboration, competition, reward systems, feedback and trial-and-error learning in non-game situations, promotes engagement, participation and teamwork in schools. The project is based on a transnational collaboration between universities, schools and local authorities.


    • To improve the way in which teachers and schools promote cultural integration among their pupils by comparing situations in different European countries.
    • To promote a more sociable and inclusive education.
    • To contribute to the inhibition of discriminatory behaviour by improving sociability within European school systems.
    • To promote interdisciplinary and multicultural teaching methods in the field of primary education and to collect and offer best play-based practices to achieve the best level of integration and tolerance in the schools.