• Youth and municipality act global


    136.130 €

    Period of the project:

    October 2022 – May 2024


    YAMAG is a 24-month cooperation project between local public institutions and third sector associations from Italy, Spain, Croatia and Romania, within the framework of the European Erasmus+ Programme. This project aims to promote and boost the participation of young people in their local communities and to strengthen the quality, effectiveness and European dimension of the services and activities offered by the partners.

    YAMAG main target group is that made up for young people aged 18-29, but it also aims to youth workers in order to complement their work with the different activities developed during the project.


    The objectives of the project will be achieved through the implementation of the following activities:

    • “Young people in Europe today”, focused on studying the specific needs of young people and their level of participation in the civic and democratic life of their communities.
    • Development of the “Young people in Europe today” research, on the needs of young people and their participation in public affairs.
    • Development and implementation of the “Boosting youth participation” training course, aimed to partners staff, on participation and non-formal education.
    • Mobility to develop the “Glocal Youth Programme”, which is presented as a “policy document” developed by young people themselves with the aim of being shared, debated and finally adopted by local institutions.
    • Development and implementation of the “Local, European Action” training course, focused on the organisation of local youth activities based on the main EU policies.


    • To promote civic and democratic participation of young people at local and European level.
    • To increase and improve the opportunities offered to young people in order to facilitate their inclusion in public affairs.
    • To carry out workshops and analysis activities in order to check the level of youth participation in each community.
    • To organise training courses.


    Mreza Mladih Hrvatske (Croatia), Asociatia Euroactive NGO (Romania) and Municipality of Altea (Spain)