• Interreg – LOCAL4GREEN



    Project period:

    2018 – 2019


    LOCAL4GREEN, led by the Valencian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces, supports Local Authorities in the definition and implementation of fiscal policies aimed at promoting renewable energy sources, not only for the public but also for the private sector, businesses and households. The project is part of the Sustainable Energy Action Plans adopted by the signatory authorities of the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy.

    LOCAL4GREEN is essentially developed in rural areas and regions where local fiscal policies play a key role in the increase of renewable energy sources.

    The project promotes the innovative implementation of such policies and the monitoring and evaluation of their results. The project also facilitates the capitalisation of best practices and their application in other municipalities.


    • To encourage fiscal and green policies, that is, those measures related to the fight against climate change and sustainable development.
    • To reduce taxes and charges and promote the production of renewable energies and the reduction of CO2 emissions.
    • To develop an online training platform, offering learning courses in order to facilitate transfer of the main tools created under the project and to evaluate their impact.


    1 Fundacion Municipalistas por la Solidaridad y el Fortalecimiento Institucional, MUSOL (España)
    2. Gestion Inteligente de la Energía de Malta, MIEMA
    3 Agencia Regional de Energía del Noroeste de Croacia, REGEA, (Croacia)
    4 Agencia de Desarrollo de Autoridades Locales del Este de Tesalonica, ANATOLIKI, (Grecia)
    7 Agencia de la Energia de Chipre, CEA