• Building Europe with Local Councillors

    “Building Europe with Local Councillors” is a network of local political representatives from across the European Union who collaborate to promote communication on EU-related topics and create a true European public sphere. Its main objective is to facilitate discussions and debates at the local level and boost citizen involvement in EU-related issues.

    The Municipality of Altea joined the “Building Europe with Local Authorities” network in 2022, an unprecedented alliance between European and local government structures, formed by local EU correspondents working together to promote communication on EU-related issues.

    In September 2023, and after the local elections were held, the Municipality of Altea renewed the membership to the network, being Diego Zaragozí, as mayor of the municipality, the political representative.


    The main objectives of this network are:

    • To create a true European public sphere by promoting collaboration and the dissemination of information on EU-related topics at the local level.
    • To boost citizen involvement in public issues and promote debates on these referred topics.
    • To facilitate collaboration between local and European political representatives in order to promote EU initiatives and policies.
    • To contribute to the creation of a pan-European public space which allows for the exchange of ideas and the promotion of Europe’s cultural and linguistic diversity.