• A fling call Swing


    192.000 €

    Period of the project:

    Junio 2022 – Junio 2025


    The AFCS project aims to reduce the effects of Covid-19 on the elderly and vulnerable population, especially the loneliness and isolation suffered during the pandemic, through high-impact musical and artistic actions.

    During its implementation, a minimum of 96 young people are involved in twelve “Volunteer Team Projects” over a period of 36 months, in which local musicians are supported in the creation of swing bands. The main goal is to supporting these musical groups to play in old people’s homes and other institutions for persons in a vulnerable situation.

    AFCS aims to fight against nos-desired loneliness and the effects it produces on human beings, such as an increase in dementia, reduction of mobility or depression, with the resulting situations of dependency that this creates.


    • To achieve pain relief caused by isolation and exclusion of the most vulnerable groups accentuated by the social crisis caused by Covid-19.
    • To extend different health practices with the support of the main hospitals in the region.
    • To take advantage of the implementation of the project to strengthen intergenerational links and promote volunteering actions and practices in a stable manner.


    The aim of AFCS project is not only the entertainment through art and music, but also the promotion and dissemination of different techniques in the field of health, which will help to combat in a lasting way the emotional deterioration caused by unwanted loneliness.

    Partners commit to implement the different good practices agreed during the Project in a simple and effective way. In this respect, AFCS aims to train young people involved in the subject matter of the project to subsequently act, either on a voluntary action or through formal jobs, in the care of people in a vulnerable situation due to unwanted loneliness.