• Covenant of Mayors

    The Covenant of Mayors is the main European movement supported by the European Commission involving local and regional authorities. Through this initiative, launched in 2008, local representatives of all the joined municipalities commit themselves to take specific actions on climate and energy issues.


    The Municipality of Altea, by joining the Covenant of Mayors alliance committed to carry out the following specific actions:

    • To reduce CO2 emissions (and possibly other greenhouse gas emissions) in the territory of the town by at least 40% before 2030, in particular by improving energy efficiency and increasing the diffusion and use of renewable energy sources.
    • To increase the resilience of all the areas of the municipality by adapting to the impacts of climate change.



    In order to translate these commitments into facts, the Municipality of Altea is acting according to the following step-by-step planning:

    • To carry out a baseline emissions inventory and an assessment of risks and vulnerabilities arising from climate change.
    • To submit a Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan within two years from the date when the municipality´s decision was adopted.
    • To drawn up a progress report at least every two years after the submission of the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan for evaluation, monitoring and control purposes.