Altea leads a European project of integration in the classrooms

Mayor and director of IES Bellaguarda sign a collaboration agreement

Yesterday, Mayor Jaume Llinares and IES Bellaguarda director, Maria José Llorca, signed a collaboration agreement for the implementation of the Level up! A project led by the European Projects Office of the City Council of Altea, in cooperation with 6 European partners and several schools.

“Level Up! design of practices based on games for the inclusion of migrant children “, is an Erasmus + KA2 project, Strategic Association. Its objective is to contribute to social inclusion in school, fighting against discrimination, segregation and isolation, through the use of activities based on games. The project will last 24 months and will involve approximately 2000 participants. This has been explained by the technical manager of the Office of European Projects, Paloma Verdú.

Verdú has pointed out that the project is developed in three phases: in the first phase the teachers will analyze the activities based on games in education. In the second, a pilot project will test the games-based activities in some classes of partner schools, and in the last phase, all the results of the project will be elaborated and summarized in an interactive online course, MOOC, with material that will allow to a broad audience, not just academics, to learn from the project.

In addition, the project will implement 2 short-term training events that will focus on gamification and innovative best practices that will be applied in schools with migrant children.

Pere Lloret, “This project is a new initiative of the Office of European Projects,” said the finance councilor and head of the European Projects Office in Altea. Its theme is inspiring because we are talking about establishing good practices for the integration of migrant children in the school context and has the invaluable participation of IES Bellaguarda. ”

Regarding the opening day or kick-off of the project, which will take place in the House of Culture of Altea and IES Bellaguarda, on 25 and 26 March, Lloret stressed that “in these initial days of launch objectives are defined, roles, calendars, deadlines and everything that has to do with the planning of the project. The budget amounts to € 119,000, financed by the European ERASMUS + program (SEPIE) and will be managed by the Altea Town Council as leader. ”

In the signing of the collaboration agreement between the City Council and the IES Bellaguarda has also been present the mayor of Education, Vicenta Perez, who remarked that “we think it is a very interesting project. The issue of migrant students is an issue that concerns us with our idiosyncrasies, many immigrant students come to our centers and the ideas are interesting when it comes to integrating them and making inclusion real “.

Finally, Maria Jose Llorca, director of the IES Belleguarda explained that “at the IES Bellaguarda we have a seminar on European programs and precisely the theme of the seminar was to take good practices from other countries to improve the educational performance of the students. We were working on this seminar when we received the proposal from the European Projects Office and we saw that it fit very well with our seminar because it was about good practices and also about immigrant students that we have a few, as well as seeing what other European countries were doing. There has been a series of teachers who have been involved in different ways, among them the teachers of languages, Valencian, Castilian and English who are working especially on the issue of linguistic compensatory in immigrant students.

“We think that not only will we learn to work with these immigrant students, but we will also adopt these good practices to work at any level of Secondary, Bachillerato or basic FP and the project has excited us and now what we are doing is preparing the March meeting to present our center and also present the social reality we have at this moment “; the director of IES Bellaguarda, Maria José Llorca, has apostilled.

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