March 6th, 2018: European Project E+ ARTISANS DO IT BETTER

The Altea Town Council through its European Projects office, EuroAltea, is participating in the European Union sponsored Project Erasmus+ Initiative ARTISANS DO IT BETTER. Other particpating countries are Croatia, Hungary, Romania and Italy.

ARTISANS DO IT BETTER is a project to increase employment opportunities for young artisans between 20 and 25 years old with the aim of creating an international network that will promote working with young people centered on the exchange of techniques, tools and skills of the thirty two particpants.

The European Projects office, EuroAltea, has secured places for six particpants to improve their craft skills, improve their entrepreneurial spirit, share and live in other cultures, and promote the creation of a network of professional artisans at an international level.

The main objectives of this Project are:

  • The stimulation of creativity
  • Gain knowledge of local crafts in the area of the Camonica Valley (in the province of Brescia, Italy) and its practical application.
  • “New start-ups” in the field of crafts
  • Personal cultural enrichment
  • Creation of an international professional network of artisans.

The ARTISANS DO IT BETTER project is an Erasmus + K1 project, in the field of Youth Mobility, which will take place from 16 to 25 July 2018, in Italy, in the area of the Camonica Valley (in the province of Brescia, Italy). The project covers the costs of accommodation, meals and transportation, and is led by the European Atelier organization and participate as partners, the City Council of Altea, FIRKA Youth NGO (Hungary), Tineri Din Ardeal Association (Romania) and Association Strive NGO (Croatia).

Any young person, who has a passion for handicrafts, is curious about the cultural traditions of other European countries or is looking to improve their skills in job search can go to ( to get more information.

The council member for employment, Diego Zaragozí, has said that “traditionally Altea has been closely linked to crafts which is supported by the fact that this year marks the 35th anniversary of the Show d’artesania. This show was born from the need of the established craftsmen in Altea to offer their products. We understand that the ARTISANS DO IT BETTER project will be very enriching for the new generation of young artisans because living with colleagues from other countries will help them get to know new techniques and improve those they already use. It also highlights the opportunities that are being given to young people for personal and professional development by the municipal office of European Projects, EuroAltea¨.

Deadline for the selection of candidates: Monday, April 16, 2018.

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