• The Municipality of Altea, through the European Projects Office, launches the EuroAltea mobility grants.
    The aim of these scholarships is to provide the beneficiaries with work experience, and at the same time, give them the opportunity to expand and improve their foreign language skills. This scholarship programme is part of the Programme: Promoting Employment.

    What does it consist of?

    2 months of work experience in Ireland to be carried out between 1st July and 30th September (this timetable is subject to change).

    In order to offer a greater number of participants the opportunity to take part in this programme, the scholarship will directly cover travel from the airport to the destination city, accommodation, travel and accident insurance and will offer individual financial support for meals (in those cases where meals are not included in the accommodation).

    The grants will be awarded on a competitive basis to applicants who meet the requirements established in the rules.

    The rules will be published in the electronic headquarters of the Municipality of Altea during the first four months of each year.