EuroAltea trains young people as leaders in Erasmus+ projects

The European Projects Office, EuroAltea, in view of the increase in the number of projects approved by the European Commission, has decided to train young people from Altea to become leaders in the different Erasmus+ mobilities.

At the moment there are six mobilities approved with a total amount of 163.000€ that correspond to the projects that will be carried out in countries such as Italy, Romania, Lithuania and Hungary where our young people will enjoy non-formal education in different subjects as well as perfecting their English and getting to know other cultures, as we have always defended from our office.

For this reason, and due to the increase of projects that we are going to have this year, we have decided to empower the youth from Altea to be trained as leaders of the Erasmus+ projects, as it is the case of Carlos Sanchez, who will be trained for the project “Financial Aliterativos”.

The 23 year old student of the higher degree in Administration and Finance of the IES Bellaguarda, will travel in March to Molfetta, Italy, to train together with 5 other European leaders under the topic of financial education for young people.

Spanish young people are below the European average when it comes to becoming independent and in this project Carlos Sánchez and the other leaders will design the activities for young people aged between 16 and 18 who will travel to Molfetta in June 2022, where they will learn strategies to be responsible with their money and know how to manage it in order to achieve greater financial education and economic independence.

This project is part of the Erasmus+ programme and is an opportunity for Carlos, who is part of the EuroAltea youth team, to be trained in leadership management, team management, conflict resolution, as well as to improve his English skills, the common thread of these mobilities. EuroAltea is firmly committed to this new line for our youth.


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