FVMP Meeting

Jaume Llinares, the mayor of Altea, Maria Antonia Laviós, the Councillor of European Projects and Paloma Verdú, the European Projects Technical, greeted, on the 27th of February of 2020, Gonzalo Albir, the coordinator of the European Projects of the Federation of the Municipalities and Provinces of Valencia (FVMP).

As Laviós was explaining: “from the FVMP, they showed interest and wanted to know first-hand the European Projects Office of Alta. The whole idea is to create synergies between the two administrations so that they could work together in the matter of European Projects, and thus be able to create links of union and transversality that resonate in our municipality through the financing of European Funds, mobility and scholarships.”

Thanks to this, EuroAltea joined the municipality work network Pont a Europa together with other municipalities from Valencia.

This network´s work aim is to promote the municipalism and local development; to create synergies that would enhance knowledge and European spirit; to work side by side with the municipal technicians and draw lines of action for the period of 2021-2027.

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