Smart City is a city that has a system of innovation and networking to provide the city with a model for improving economic, energy and political efficiency, allowing social, cultural and urban development and Altea is part of this community.


    What do we do as a Smart City?

    1. A diagnosis of the current situation of the municipality with respect to the parameters of a Smart City has been carried out.
    2. Define some good practices in Smart Cities applicable to the municipality.
    3. Carry out a first definition of the Smart City strategy based on the SmartCity Guide.
    4. Improve coordination between the applications of different areas of each municipality.
    5. Improve administrative processes and communication between the citizen and the city.
    6. Improve competitiveness among companies in the municipality.
    7. Access to an accessible set of customised solutions to the challenges of the municipality.
    8. Position the city in relevant national and European platforms (RECI, ICLEI, CEMP, Eurocities, etc…).
    9. Access public-private funding programmes for Smart Cities.
    10. Participate in European project consortia.