Altea is part of the European project to empower women “Encouraging Women Participation in Times of Pandemic”

European Projects through its office EuroAltea together with Social Welfare and Equality of the Municipality of Altea, are part of a European project that analyzes the impact that Covid-19 has had on women in terms of employment, education, participation and gender violence, taking as a reference the inequalities that already existed between women and men before the pandemic, and seeks to promote the empowerment of women through participation. The project is led by the Italian city of Molfetta and involves countries such as Slovenia and Austria.

The project aims to discuss and evaluate the gender impact of COVID-19 and thus be able to develop and work more effectively on the solutions that are designed by both policy makers and the organisations involved, through the exchange of experiences and good practices through international conferences in which the member countries of the project (Italy, Spain, Slovenia and Austria) will participate.  From the Municipality of Altea we are working on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals to which we are committed, and one of the most important is number 5 which refers to empowering women and girls to reduce gender inequality.

This project, which has just been submitted to the European Commission for approval, will start, once approved, in November and will last for two years. The closing conference of the project will be held in Altea in an event that aims to give visibility to women’s associations and organisations and their work to achieve a fairer and more egalitarian society.

The project will not only serve to celebrate the knowledge and skills acquired, but will also act as a link between the city council and the associations and organisations working to eradicate inequality and empower women.


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