Altea meets in Rotterdam to coordinate the II VOLUNTEU project

The plan is to respond to the social crisis caused by the Covid-19 on behalf of volunteer cities.

The delegation representing the Municipality of Altea, composed of the staff of Social Welfare and the European Project Office of Altea, travelled to Rotterdam, Netherlands, to celebrate, from 10 to 13 October 2022, the second transnational meeting of the European project “VOLUNT-EU: Voluntary Cities in response to the Social Crisis caused by Covid-19”.

The aim of the project is to establish tools for the improvement and promotion of youth volunteering, to face the adversities of the pandemic and the creation of a network of European cities committed to volunteering.

This conference serves to strengthen relations between different European countries and to strengthen the networks of international cities. It allows us to share experiences and learn from our European partners.

This European project within the framework of the CERV programme (Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values) is led by the Municipality of Altea, through its European projects office, EuroAltea, and is made up of seven other European partners, including Italy, Cyprus, Croatia, the Netherlands, Romania, Portugal and Greece. Its objective, the creation of a network of cities at European level for the exchange of experiences and learning for the promotion of youth volunteering in the face of future crises such as the one known during the COVID19 pandemic.

The agenda of these conferences consisted of coordinating actions to be implemented by each partner country, as well as sharing success stories applicable in other countries. Finally, visits and talks on the impact of volunteering at the local level and debates on youth volunteering and its cultural impact were held.

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